Post Independence Pakistan

Pakistan was born on the map on 14 August 1947.  At its birth Pakistan had two parts commonly referred to as East and West Pakistan. 

During the year 1970 when Pakistan had a war with India, East Pakistan was completely cut off from the West Pakistan and following the elections in 1971, the East Pakistan was separated from the West and since then it is known as Bangladesh. 

The story of separation of East and West Pakistan is a tragic.  It becomes worse when stories related to this separation are narrated on both sides.  Efforts must be made to avoid blaming each other and concentration must me focused on how to live and help each other  to live peacefully and in harmony.   

Pakistan now has 4 provinces namely, Balocistan, Punjab, NWFP and Sindh. The country is governed by the Federal Government based in Islamabad.

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Mohammad Ali Jinnah,
The Founder of Pakistan


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