How to help us

National Heritage is disappearing with an alarming speed and if our national heritage vanished...

What shall we have for posterity?

National Fund for Cultural Heritage (NFCH) was thus created by the government of Pakistan in 1994. NFCH welcomes the donations from national and international donor agencies and philanthropists for preservation of the national heritage of Pakistan for future generations.

The donations from an agency or individual philanthropist is duly acknowledged and, if desired, the names appear on the official on-line web-site of the National Fund for Cultural Heritage if the grant donated to NFCH is more than Rs. 100,000/-

Please don't wait until its too late...   Please help preserve the National Heritage for future generations...

Please Contact NFCH for further information and assistance for your donations!

Suleman Shah
Assistant Director NFCH
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Islamabad
Tel. : 051-9201048

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