Facts and Figures

Source of Funding

Present status of the Fund

1. Grant from the Federal government and Provincial Governments. 1. Grant from the Federal government and Provincial Governments. Rs. 100.00 million
2. Aid and assistance from local, National and International agencies 2. Donation from: ICI Pakistan Ltd.   Rs. 0.5 million
3. Contribution from private organizations and individuals; 3. Donation from:Lakson Tobacco   Rs. 0.1 million
4. Income from the moveable and immovable properties acquired by or leased to this Fund. 4. Donation from: Premier Tobacco Rs. 0.2 million
  5. Donation from: Mobil Link Pakistan Ltd. Rs. 0.125 m

Important: Money credited to the NFCH Fund is non lapse able and is available for utilization at any time.

6.  Departmant of Archaeology & Museums, Karachi, contributes to this Fund on regular basis from fee charged for film shooting on the archaeological sites.

Funded Projects
Suleman Shah
Assistant Director NFCH
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Islamabad
Tel. : 051-9201048

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