A Proud Pakistani Lady

Shahida Latif graduated from Sir Syed Girls College and took her Masters degree in Philosophy from Karachi University. She is a journalist, thinker, researcher, a literary figure and a patriotic poet. Her aim in life is to promote Pakistani culture. She has been publishing international monthly magazine for the last ten years entitled “Overseas International”. She is author of many books of poetry, history and fiction.
Shahida Latif has published three poetry books so far and interested to publish many more. “It depends upon the mood of my inner self. When I'm in that mood the whole of my thought expresses itself in poetic mode.”
Shahida also enjoys writing. Her field of writing is varied and serious. She wrote a book on the history of Pakistan from the perspective of Army. The book is “Role of Army in Pakistan” “Pakistan mein Fauj Ka Kirdar”. This book is a huge effort on her part. “I have portrayed the political and geographical conditions of Pakistan in its history of last 54 years. I have tried to clean the image of Army and tried to prove that Army of Pakistan had saved this country from many crisis.”
Her other publications include:
1-    (Islam, Amrica aur Aalmi Aman) Islam, America and World Peace
2-    (Mein Pakistani hoon)    I’m Pakistani
3-    (Baraf ki Shahzadi)        The Princess of Snow
4-    (Marka-i-Kashmir)        Kashmir Expedition
5-    (Mojza) The Miracle
6-    (Hikayat ka Encyclopaedia) Encyclopaedia of quotations
7-    (Pakistan mein Fauj ka Kirdar) Role of Pak Army in Pakistan

Following books are lined up for the press:    
1-    Green Book of Pakistan
2-    Kashmir ki awaz
3-    Shaheed Novel
4-    Des Mein Ajnabi (Pakistani safarnama)
5-    Kashmir azaad ho jaiy ga?

Shahida Latif spent her whole life in doing something curricular or extra curricular, reading or writing, playing or travelling. Her life remained full of activities. And work has not finished yet for her. “I have lot of ideas to pursue, there are lot of things to do yet. I feel life is short for the things I've planned to do.” Life is short and painful. Activities make it comfortable”. Shahida knows it very well. She spent her life in the light of this rule and will carry on. Persons like Shahida Latif don't look for results. For them activity itself means everything. And that turns out to be the key of their success. Pakistan will keep prospering as long as people like Shahida Latif keep singing melodious songs for it.