NFCH has funded fourteen projects so far
Following is the detail of the funded projects:


S.No Name of the Project  Executing Agency / individual Year Grant Approved  Grant Released
Acquisition of Works of John Lockwood Kipling  Mr. Athar Tahir, Secretary Transport, govt of the Punjab, Lahore 1996/2001 cont.. Rs. 687,608.00 Rs. 687,608.00
2    Publication of  Book on "Ranni Kot Fort" Sind     Mr. Badar Abro, A journalist in Karachi     1996-96
Rs. 137,000.00 Rs. 137,000.00
3 Excavation at Palai, District. Swat      Mr. Nazir Khan, Assistant, DOAM, Karachi    1996-97    Rs. 500,000.00    Rs. 255,299.00
4 Excavation and Exploration for the Protection of Buddhist Civilization in Haripur Valley   Dr. F.A. Durrani, former V.C. Peshawar University  1996/
2001 cont.. 
Rs. 2,023,000.00 Rs. 2,023,000.00
5 Crash programme for the repair work of Lahore Fort   Mr. Ihasn Nadiem, former Director, NCA, DOAM, 1997 Rs. 4,000,000.00    Rs. 4,000,000.00
6 Conservation of Sardar Soojhan Singh Haveli, Rawalpindi           Dr. Shaukat Mahmood,   Ex. Dean, Dept of Architecture, UET, Lahore 1998-2001
Rs.1,000,000.00      Rs. 575,000.00
7 Excavation of 3 archaeological sites at Taxila           D.G. DOAM    1998/ cont.. Rs. 2,706, 000.00  Rs. 2,706, 000.00
8 Grant to National Archives for the purchase of a Photocopier Machine       Mr. Attique Zafar Sheikh, Ex. D.G. National Archives, Isb 1999
Rs. 500,000.00     Rs. 500,000.00
9 Grant to Balochistan Study Centre, University of Balochistan                Dr. A. Razzaq Sabir, Director, Balochistan Study Centre, University of Balochistan 1999
Rs. 500,000.00     Rs. 500,000.00
10 Grant for organizing an International Conference on Archaeology held in January 2000       Ministry of Culture, CRC- an NGO for conservation at Uch and DOAM  1999 / 2000
Rs. 2,155,280.00     Rs. 2,155,280.00
11 Grant to Mohatta Palace Karachi            Secretary Culture, govt of Sind     2000 cont.. Rs. 5,000,000.00 Rs. 2,500,000.00
12 Documentation of Mural Wall of Lahore Fort           Dr. Shaukat Mahmood,  Ex. Dean, Dept of Architecture, UET, Lahore  2001 cont.. Rs. 2,500, 000.00     Rs. 500,000.00
13  Exploration and Survey of Buddhist Rock Carving in Swat.     Mr. Badshah Sardar, Lecturer, AIOU     2001          cont..         Rs. 642,000.00 Rs. 300,000.00
14 Preservation of Shah Chandwali gate, Rohtas Fort. Dr. Anis ur Rahman, Secretary, HWF         2001 cont.. Rs. 4000,000.00     Rs. 4,000,000.00
  Grand Total        Rs. 26,350,888.00  Rs. 20,839,187.00
15 Conservation of Ramkot Fort, Mangla, Distt. Jehlum Dr. Anis ur Rahman, Secretary, HWF     1999-2000 Volunteer Project Nil

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Ministry of Culture, Islamabad
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